Young Adults – Largest Users of Marijuana: SAMHSA

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According to Substance Abuse Mental and Health Services Administration, the increase in no. of people taking drugs is greatest in young adults. There are statistics to show that the major driving factor in this increase in numbers of people taking in drugs is because of the use of marijuana as stated by the report submitted by the same study. It has been calculated that there were roughly 14.4 million people using Marijuana in the year 2007 but that number increased to 17.4 million by the year 2010.

The Director of Substance Abuse Mental and Health Services Administration office of Applied Studies, Peter J Delany said “I don’t know why there is an increase in marijuana, but that almost explains the increase in drug use. That’s the driving trend. The group that seems to be standing out among everybody is the 18 to 25 year olds. These are the people who are going to college, starting in the workforce and starting families. This is a whole group of people we haven’t focused on. We have to intervene much earlier, before they get into trouble. We need to take what we are learning about helping people reduce their alcohol and tobacco use and figure out how to apply that to these other drugs in our society. We need to intervene before they need treatment or go to jail.”

The no. of people under drug abuse has been on a continuous rise and the no. has risen to 22.6 million last year which amounts to a whopping 9 % of the whole population of the United States. In another instance,the Director of Substance Abuse Services,  Zucker Hillside Hospital of the North Shore-LIJ Health System in Glen Oaks, New York, Mr Bruce Golman, “Alcohol is the number one drug people seek treatment for, cannabis has been and remains number two. What has changed is number three prescription opioid abuse and/or heroin abuse as opposed to cocaine, which used to be number three. Where we need to put our focus is in changing attitudes, which takes a long time. We have many more options in treating people with substance abuse disorders and drug recovery , and there are effective treatments available.”

But among these odds, there also linger some good stats that show that the use of methamphetamine has nearly halved in the last four years along with, the abuse with Cocaine where the numbers have dropped significantly by 900,000. Apart from these two, the use of tobacco and teen drinking has also seen a major decrease in the no. of users.


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