The True Pros And Cons Of Topical Analgesics

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There is no doubt that topical analgesics have become an important part of massage sessions. After all, it would be impossible to completely calm a person while relying solely on soothing hand movements. Experts tend to remind massage amateurs however, that each kind of analgesic comes with its own set of pros and cons. Upon receiving such advice firsthand, it became a must to engage in a particular endeavor: gathering facts on oils, creams, lotions, and gels.

The Essential Oil Option

Arguably, countless massage enthusiasts of various experience levels prefer to rely on essential oils. It is likely that they choose to use such calming products for one simple reason: going natural is crucial. To explain, there is a common belief nowadays that nature-derived products bring forth the finest outcomes. While it is true that essential oils effectively reduce stress by acting upon several senses at once, it is also correct to say that highly-concentrated variants of such offerings could prove to be very toxic.   

Ibuprofen-Infused Gels

Instead of relying on nature’s healing properties, some people choose to utilize whatever science has created. Due to this, there are those who regularly purchase gels that contain one ingredient that represents the evolution of pain-relief medicine: ibuprofen. What makes ibuprofen-infused products a cut above the rest is their speed in relieving pain. As it turns out though, speed comes with a tradeoff. Such impressive products are associated with several adverse effects, namely hypertension and erectile dysfunction.

Chili-Containing Cream

While some people prefer to use ibuprofen-containing gels despite knowing of the problems that such products could trigger, others never fail to replenish their stocks of creams that contain capsaicin. This particular ingredient actually comes from chili peppers and thus they are more than capable of inducing a burning sensation upon coming in contact with the skin. Heating up one’s body is an excellent way to reduce pain in the joints and muscles that have become too tense. The downside of chili-based creams however, lies in the fact that fresh injuries could be aggravated by heat.

The Aloe-Lotion Choice

Chili-containing products probably aren’t among the most popular topical analgesics on the market. The same could be said about lotions that make use of aloe’s calming capabilities. If people would just take time to read about the positive effects of aloe-based lotions however, such offerings would most likely become widely sought-after. After all, aside from having a cooling effect that quickly reduces pain, aloe functions as an anti-inflammatory agent. Nevertheless, such a remarkable active ingredient has a negative aspect. It could cause rashes if used too frequently.

Talking of the Biofreeze

Many would begin to wonder whether there is a pain-relieving product that doesn’t come with a health risk. For those who regularly purchase relaxation solutions through MassageWarehouse.com Biofreeze is the perfect analgesic. Not only is it a quick-acting cryotherapy gel, but it is also an allergen-free product. In this sense, it could be considered as an enhanced form of aloe-based lotions, as it would never bring forth rashes regardless of how often it’s used. It is essential to remember however, that Biofreeze can only be purchased by health professionals.

On Making the Right Pick

A perfect product doesn’t really exist. For one, even though essential oils are among the most trusted pain relievers, they could still cause all kinds of problems if prepared in the wrong way. Likewise, even the allergen-free Biofreeze could be associated with one particular disadvantage that’s probably a sign of its potency: licensed health professionals can only acquire it. Still, it’d be appropriate to say that by purchasing analgesics from a reliable retailer – such as Massage Warehouse – downsides would never be a bother.

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