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New Formulation Development and Treatments for Localized Prostate Cancer

Prostate Cancer Lazer Treatment

Rate this post The vast majority of men with localized prostate cancer who need active formulation development and treatment, rather than being left to “wait and see’, are treated either with radical prostatectomy or radiation therapy plus anti-androgens. With this treatment, these men do well. However, natural anxieties about the unwanted effects of these treatments […]

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AntiAndrogen Therapy in Prostate Cancer

prostate cancer therapy

AntiAndrogen Therapy in Prostate Cancer 5 (100%) 7 votes The first anti-androgen was the female sex hormone, oestrogen. Giving oestrogen to a man with prostate cancer shuts down the production of testosterone, the main male sex hormone, by the testes. As most prostate cancer cells depend on testosterone to grow and multiply, this arrests the […]

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