Stem cell trial for broken hearts to begin in Europe

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A leading developer of innovative biological products, Mesoblast Limited said on September 5th, 2011 that it is in the process of developing a stem cell treatment which is specific to prevent heart failure. This was announced after European Union gave a green signal to the mid-stage clinical trial in Europe. The Australian company is developing a stem cell treatment which will prevent heart failure.

Stem cell trial for broken hearts

After getting a clearance from European Medicines Agency, the company would start with a 225 patient Phase II for its product Revascor which will prevent heart failure which usually happen after the heart attacks. For implementation of this, the patients will be recruited in Britain, Netherlands and Belgium. The experimental treatment is administered at the point when patients receive a coronary stent to open blocked arteries. Mesoblast works excellent on the adult stem cells which are usually known as mesenchymal precursor cells. Since Mesoblast do not generate any immune response, hence, one donor’s cells can be greatly expanded to treat as many patients, which gives Mesoblast many potential therapies which could be sold like off the shelf medicines.


According to Navid Malik who is an industry analyst with Matrix, the clearance of Phase II would prove to the evidence of the broader acceptance of stem cells which is under various regulations and it will further strengthen their support for larger clinical studies. Although stem cells are considered to be one of the most risky and uncertain proposition in medicine, it is drawing attention of many big pharmaceutical companies. It was reported that Cephalon acquire 20% stake in Mesoblast in last December and in May, it was announced that Teva, an Israeli company would buy Cephalon for around $6.8 billion. Some other companies like Athersys signed a big deal with Pfizer in December, 2009 and Osiris Therapeutics has announced a long term partnership with Sanofi’s Genzyme unit. Geron has started trials for embryonic stem cells for the patients who has spinal cord injuries and the British company, ReNeuron is right now testing foetal cells in stroke patients.


Stem cell treatments are perhaps one of the best ways to treat the damage tissue or injuries. With the new rules and regulations in place and the company’s decision to enter the European market, it has come as a boon to the people suffering from broken hearts in Europe. They can now expect better treatment at affordable prices.


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