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At MassageWarehouse.com, it is relatively easy to order the supplies and products needed to set up a simple and aesthetic-looking massage parlor or spa. Most people who are interested in a massage are looking for a relaxing and comfortable experience. Business owners should stay away from presenting any images or an atmosphere that clients might associate with an uncomfortable place.

The key “look” to avoid when designing any massage parlor is the hospital look; avoid using furniture and colors that remind people of a clinical setting. Warm and friendly looks are the best, but at the same time, many professionals recommend going for a simple look that is elegant and Zen all at the same time.

Eastern Influences

The Spartan look is often associated with cold and harsh ruggedness, even though the term is used in a mostly endearing fashion lately. In the past though, it meant simple and austere. Perhaps the best way to create a simple and elegant “Spartan” look is to focus on the principles from Feng Shui and Eastern mysticism. There are many products on MassageWarehouse.com that can be used to create a stunning Oriental look, themed around Chinese or Ayurvedic culture, depending on which type of massage is offered.

Tips to Keep It Simple

The following are some ideas that can be used to shop on MassageWarehouse.com and locate the items that are going to make a massage parlor simple and elegant:

Avoid pale colors – Paler colors such as white, beige and gray remind most people of clinical settings, so avoid using them. On the other hand, pale colors highlighted with a sharp, contrasting set of colors create a completely different effect. Go for the rule of threes in general – pale background, two bright foreground colors.

Use soft materials – Materials such as wood, stone and natural fabrics are best. Disposable products should be made of paper. Harsh materials such as metal and plastic tend to make clients feel uncomfortable and in an unnatural environment.

Offer many options for products – Accessories such as oils, creams, gels and other massage products should be offered in great variety. Clients might have certain requests for scents or botanicals and a business should be able to cater to everyone.

Use natural light and reflective surfaces – A great way to create the illusion of a bigger and more open space so customers do not feel cramped is to use the natural light from a window combined with a reflective surface such as mirrors to create a stunning effect. This also means that the business will use less artificial light, which definitely saves on expenses and increases the pleasantness of the ambience.

Comfortable heat levels – Even if there is a pool or spa facility available and clients visit during hot, summer months, it is important to have a properly acclimated massage facility set up so that everyone will be comfortable. Staff should be able to work with clients in specific rooms where temperature can be set as necessary to facilitate maximum comfort.

Use easy-to-clean surfaces – Maintenance and health and safety regulations are the two most important parts of running a massage service from a business point of view. By choosing easy-to-clean surfaces for the facilities, it makes it easier for staff to keep everything polished and sterile between clients. This will reduce on maintenance costs and make it easy to keep equipment for a long time, while at the same time reducing the chance for problems with litigation and risk management.

MassageWarehouse.com can be used to find a range of products that any business owner can use to make a massage parlor or a spa more comfortable.

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