Relaxation for Clients with NewLife Massage Supplies

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For owners of spas and salons, there are many types of New Life massage supplies that can help clients to feel relief and relaxation. New products are always being introduced, allowing technicians to provide their clients with the best treatments and the most positive results.

Selecting Massage Gels
Oils are traditionally used in classic massages, but now some estheticians use gels and lotions, as well. These products are necessary for the proper friction levels between the hands of the technician and the muscles and skin of the client. If there is too much friction, the experience will not be as rewarding for the client.

Supplies therapists with gels that cannot only reduce friction, but that will also add aroma to the massage experience. Aromatherapy massage can be beneficial in both scent and muscle manipulation. Choosing gels that have appealing fragrances can help clients to relax.

Oils and Gels Used Together
Oils can be used at the beginning of a massage treatment, and the technician can change to gels to activate their aroma, triggering positive reactions for clients. Calendula and lavender are helpful in bringing the client to a relaxing state.

New Life massage supplies, like gels, can also be combined with other massage materials for the creation of special sensations. A massage designed to stimulate muscles benefits from peppermint or eucalyptus oil for the feet or legs. This gives the client a cool sensation that will enhance the touch.

Natural Massage Products
The best salons and spas use healthy and natural oils and gels for their clients. All-natural supplies do not contain excessive chemicals or preservatives in the formula.

TheraPro Massage Gel is one of the more popular New Life massage supplies. It offers the workability and ease of a quality blend of oil in a lighter formula that moisturizes and nourishes the skin. Hypoallergenic formulas are ideal for those clients that have sensitive skin.

TheraPro gel is water dispersible, so it doesn’t leave a sticky or greasy residue after a massage, making clean up easier. This gel gives estheticians more consistency and coverage than conventional massage oils, meaning that less product is needed.

New Life massage supplies the Go Green Tea Scrub treatment for salons and spas. It has high levels of antioxidants and works well as a toner and facial scrub. The flavonoids protect the skin from damaging free radicals and repair tired skin. They also aid in the reduction of blemishes and acne, and help in diminishing UV damage and aging signs.

Massage Tools
In addition to using their hands, massage technicians use tools to accomplish their clients’ goals. Hands do have limitations, especially with the strength of wrists or fingers. Therapists who use massage tools can overcome the weakness of their own joints and muscles.

One of the more popular New Life massage supplies is the Palmassager Tool. It delivers an effective, gentle massage through its knobbed legs. This helps in soft tissue massage for sore and aching muscles. This tool is compact and small, so that the technician can easily hold it in his or her hand. There are other types of tools available, both mechanical and electric, that will enhance the clients’ overall massage experience. They will leave feeling relaxed and serene.

Mechanical aids provide an effective and pleasing touch since they stabilize compromised wrists and fingers. This allows therapists to work well within their structural limits and still provide human contact, as well. Tools like these that are held by therapists can manipulate bony articulations or tissue and stimulate trigger points with more power and precision than can be accomplished with hands alone.

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