ProMedXpress Keeps Physical Therapists Supplied

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Physical therapy is a difficult profession. It requires training, skill, a way with people, a sharp business sense and, above all, patience. But it requires other things as well, including physical therapy supplies.

These things can be found at ProMedXpress, a provider of physical therapy supplies, equipment and products for nearly two decades. Physical therapists can find everything they need at ProMedXpress.com.

The key to the success of ProMedXpress.com is a combination of three factors: quality, value and selection. Any physical therapist can will find a wide array of top-notch products at the best prices. No other provider in the business can match what ProMedXpress.com provides.

ProMedXpress.com: Only the Best
The first piece in the puzzle at ProMedXpress is quality. Nobody provides better products, supplies and equipment.

A key part of the work of any physical therapist is the comfort of his or her clients, and key to that is the quality of the products the therapist uses. They need to be dependable, long lasting and comfortable. And they need to do what they’re designed to do.

At ProMedXpress.com, physical therapists can always depend on the products, supplies and equipment they find. And clients can always know they’ll receive the best in healing when they visit their therapists.

ProMedXpress.com: The Best Selection
Selection is the next big piece of the puzzle at ProMedXpress.com. With hundreds of items to choose from under headings that range from modalities and orthopedic supplies to clinical supplies and treatment furniture, this Web site offers every physical therapist a one-stop shopping experience.

Supplies, equipment and products come in a wide array of categories. Under modalities, for example, the site provides acupuncture supplies, electrodes, and hot and cold therapy. Under evaluation products, physical therapists can find diagnostic tools, scales and strength testing equipment.

Mobility products, meanwhile, include canes, crutches and wheelchairs, while orthopedic supplies include compression products, tapes and bandages, and bolsters and wedges. Included with rehab and exercise equipment are exercise bands, tubing and cardio equipment.

Among clinical supplies are adjusting tools, air sanitizers and hand cleaners. Treatment furniture includes worktables, mat platforms and rehab equipment. ProMedXpress also offers ADL products, including respiratory, bathing and dining aids.

ProMedXpress.com: The Best Prices
The final piece in the puzzle at ProMedXpress.com, of course, is value. Every physical therapist needs to run a tight ship, and spending only the right amount of money on supplies is essential.

At ProMedXpress.com, prices are always kept low, ensuring some of the best values in the business. From a $109.99 value on a portable ultrasound unit to a $495 value on a Saunders Deluxe Cervical Traction HomeTrac, the company offers truly competitive prices.

Physical therapists need to know they can count on their supplies, equipment and products, always. Without them, clients won’t get the healing experience they deserve.

ProMedXpress has been in business for nearly 20 years, establishing a strong reputation for quality, selection and value. And the company’s record for customer service is second to none. Whatever a physical therapist’s supply needs, ProMedXpress.com is there to meet them.

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