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Professionals in physical therapy and rehabilitation constantly have to solve a classic “mini-max” problem: how to maximize the quality and extent of their stockpile of the therapeutic products required for their practice, while minimizing costs required for the same. The ProMed products available through ProMedXpress.com provide an efficient solution to this problem.

Maximizing Choice and Quality

The ability to select and restock products from a wide variety of options of known quality is essential to creating a successful professional practice in physical therapy and rehabilitation. ProMed products offer this wide range of options. One can easily use the search tool or drill-down through the various menus on the site. From the main page, one can reach any single product with just a few clicks (or taps). The site’s menus are grouped around the following categories: Modalities, Evaluation, Mobility, Orthopedic, Rehab and Exercise, Clinical Supplies, Treatment Furniture, and ADL Products. These categories, in turn, contain a set of narrower categories (such as “Diagnostic Tools” within “Evaluation”). The diversity of product offerings within the narrow categories is impressive. For example, the site lists six kinds of body fat analyzers, ranging in price from $18.89 to $269.00.

Visitors may access the site through the traditional desktop or laptop computer, or instead to rely on a mobile device, such as a tablet or smart phone. One can access products through either search or drill-down methods equally well across devices.

Professionals can pick up useful information about many of the ProMed products by reading entries in the site’s bog section, located through one of the menus at the bottom of the page. Despite the “product pitch” feel of some of the blog’s entries, some of the information would be genuinely useful in terms of communicating with or displaying products to clients.

The site offers a good return policy, suggesting an effort to ensure satisfaction around quality. The customer satisfaction guarantee backing ProMed products sold through the site allows full refunds for returns made within the first thirty days of purchase (excepting worn or damaged products). There is a restocking fee for products returned after 30 or 60 days (and the fee is higher after the latter).

The site’s reliance on products affiliated with established brands also communicates quality. The site allows visitors to select all products associated with a particular brand; this can typically speed up search for a specific product if one knows its brand.

Minimizing Costs

The other side of the classic mini-max is to minimize costs. The site greets all visitors with an offer of a site-wide discount, specified at the top of each page. At the level of individual products, sale prices are shown in red. Visitors can also opt to see all sale products by selecting either “SALE” or “Clearance” in menus.

Users can fine-tune the cost for products that they wish to consider purchasing by specifying a price range. One can do this by selecting the search by brand option in a menu at the top of the page, followed by choosing one of the options under the Price Range menu on the left side of the page.

Users may sign-up for the site’s newsletter, which will provide alerts regarding special offers and sale prices for specific ProMed products.

One can make purchases either by phone, with a customer service representative, or directly through the site. One may also contact any of the regional sales representatives, listed under the customer service section in the menu at the bottom of the site’s pages.

In the effort to maximize quality and range of selection and minimize costs, the site seems to provide a good balance for the professional user, and particularly for the sale items.

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