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Cholera in Central and West Africa


Rate this post The west and central Africa is under the effect of severe cholera these days. The disease which has been reported as one of the biggest in the history of this vast region of the continent has up till now affected more than 85000 people. So far this year, at least 2466 deaths […]

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Texting while Driving can Cause Serious Accident

Texting while driving

Texting while Driving can Cause Serious Accident 5 (100%) 3 votes According to a study released by the Texas Transportation Institute, Reading or writing a text message while driving can be more dangerous than previously thought. Texting and talking on the phone while driving can be deadly, and drivers have a responsibility to put away […]

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CCSVI might be Linked to MS


Rate this post Past studies have been analysed in a new way and conclusions have been drawn that there might be some link between narrowing of head and neck veins and multiple sclerosis. But according to the researchers more research on this topic is needed. This report was funded by Canadian Institute of Health Research. […]

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Open-access in Research to Solve the Problems of Drug Industry

Drug industry

Rate this post In the drug industry some of the leading names are experimenting with new ways to pool the research of the initial stage in order to make an attempt to save time and money. If this approach is able to take off successfully then it will definitely break the structure of current drug […]

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Eat Fish to Lower the Risk of Strokes

Fish to lower stroke risks

Rate this post As per the new study conducted by Susanna Larsson and Nicola Orsini of Sweden’s Karolinska Institute published in Journal Stroke, it was found that the people who eat more fish few times a week are less prone to suffer a stroke than those who do not eat fish at all. This is […]

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Listeria Outbreak Causes Kansas Firm to Recall Shipment of Canatloupe


Rate this post In Colorado, a Kansas based food processor has recalled a bulk of fresh cut cantaloupe weighing almost hundreds of pounds. This has been done because of possibility of contamination due to Listeria which is linked to melons from Colorado. The listeria contamination is being blamed for an outbreak that has caused the […]

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Is Mouse Virus Linked to Chronic Fatigue Attack?

Mouse virus

Rate this post In one of the recent studies, US scientists have retracted some part of 2009 study belonged to the journal Science which linked chronic fatigue syndrome with mouse virus. This is because as per the recent experiments, mouse virus is considered to be the cause of mysterious disease. According to the journal, Science […]

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Nationwide Recall of Contraceptive Pills by Qualitest


Nationwide Recall of Contraceptive Pills by Qualitest 5 (100%) 2 votes The Alabama based Pharmaceuticals Company, Qualitest Pharmaceuticals, on Friday issued a nationwide voluntary recall for multiple lots of the birth pills it manufactures. The recall has been ordered due to a systemic error in packaging of the pills. Nearly 1.4 million packages, which have […]

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