Obesity on a Downward Trend in America

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According to a recent study the number of people in America who have the normal weight has slightly increased in the last year but the obese and overweight people are still a majority of the population. A year ago that is in 2010 35.6% people in America were of the normal weight; this percentage increased in the third quarter of the year 2011 and became 36.6%. These data were found in the Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index survey. According to the survey obese and overweight people comprised about 60% population of the Americans.

The study also said that although majority of the population is still obese and overweight but the signs were encouraging that the obesity trend is going downwards in America. The survey also found that as compared to last year’s percentage of overweight Americans which was 36% the percentage of Americans who were overweight decreased to 35.8%. Also last year the percentage of obese people in America last year 26.6% and this year this percentage decreased and became 25.8%. Thus there was a decrease in the percentage of both overweight and obese people in America.

According to the study the reasons behind this decrease were not clear. But it said that one reason could be the tough economy. As the people do not have much money so they choose to cook and eat at their homes rather than eating out at restaurants which provide high calorie food and causes increase in the weight. Decreasing obesity could also show a decrease in the cost incurred on health care. In the year 2008 the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimated that the medical costs that were associated with obesity were about $147 billion. As the obesity trends are moving downwards it might help people in saving some money that was earlier spent in the health care sector.

To determine the Body mass Index (BMI) of the participants of the survey the study used a collection of self-reported data of height and weight. With this data of the height and weight of the people their body mass index was calculated as it depend on both the height and weight of the person. The sample size of the survey was 90,070. It comprised of people from the age of 18 years to older people. The data was collected by telephonic interviews of the participants which were conducted from July to September. The error margin in the survey was plus or minus 1%.

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