Novartis Found a Cure for Smoker’s Cough

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Novartis, a Swiss drug maker has a new success story in its hand. Novartis is committed to the development of innovative, once-daily inhaled products that provide immediate and sustained bronchodilation to relieve the symptoms of airway obstruction this time it has launched an experimental drug for the treatment of smoker’s cough. It is indeed a very important drug which is supposed to help around 80 million people worldwide. One of the hazards of smoking tobacco is the development of a chronic cough known as smoker’s cough. In addition to being aggravating, smoker’s cough can be an unwelcome side effect that may alert others that you are smoking. Allergies and sinus infections can also make this cough much worse. According to analysts, it is assumed that Novartis could earn abundant profits if this treatment works and NVA237 alone can expand their profits by $500 million in annual sales. The drug for the cure of smoker’s cough, NVA237 has proven good results on patients.

When a person coughs, there is a short intake of breath and the larynx (the voice box) closes momentarily. The abdominal and chest muscles used for breathing contract, which in turn increases the pressure needed to drive air out the lungs when the larynx re-opens. The resulting blast of air comes out at high speed, scrubbing and clearing the airway of dust, dirt or excessive secretions. This is a common symptom when the airways are ‘tight’, as in asthma and bronchitis. Coughing is a symptom, not a disease. It is the underlying cause that needs to be treated. A test was conducted on patients by Novartis and it was found that NVA237, used once a day, actually increased the functioning of lungs in patients.

NVA237 showed rapid onset of action and sustained 24-hour relief breathing over the seven-day treatment period. The first dose produced a fast response and patients felt much better after taking it. NVA237 also enabled patients to exercise longer. Novartis is developing a comprehensive range of therapies for patients with respiratory diseases. NVA237 is an important element in the portfolio of once-daily inhaled drugs and is also being investigated as a possible fixed-dose combination with the novel once-daily long-acting beta2-agonist QAB149, currently in Phase III development.  NVA237 should be further evaluated for the treatment of COPD which is a complex and debilitating disease that can have a devastating impact on patients and their families.


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