New Spring Catalog Available at MassageWarehousecom

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MassageWarehouse.com, an online supply company providing a wide range of products, equipment and supplies for massage therapists, estheticians, chiropractors, spa professionals and more, has published their new catalog for spring of 2013.

Featuring 49 pages of quality massage and spa products from a variety of respected manufacturers, the catalog can be viewed online at the MassageWarehouse.com website, or on request will be mailed to a customer’s doorstep.

Massage therapists will save a bundle on equipment and supplies with MassageWarehouse.com’s moneysaving deals and packages this spring. Whether searching for massage chairs, tables or accessories, the spring catalog has everything a massage therapist could want or need for a thriving practice.

Continuing Education Study Materials
Continuing education DVDs cover a wide range of subjects, from all modalities of massage techniques to reflexology, passive stretching, infant massage and rejuvenating facelift massage techniques. Relaxing massage music CDs round out the catalog, along with a number of business and marketing packages, including insurance billing practices, massage office software, appointment books and more.

NCBTMB-approved online course packages are also available through MassageWarehouse.com’s continuing education library, as well as home study courses and study guides for continuing education credits and licensing examinations.

Thai Massage and Traditional Chinese Medicine
Specialists in Thai massage will delight in the section on Thai massage essentials, including bolsters, mats, positioning pillows, kneeling pads, herbal balls and Bamboo-Fusion massage stick sets. A wide range of cupping sets is available for those specializing in traditional Chinese medicine techniques, as well as educational materials on cupping and reflexology.

A variety of hand tools can assist the massage therapist in applying directed pressure for deep tissue and trigger point massage techniques, while sparing the therapist’s wrists, hands and thumbs, along with a number of foot rollers and electronic massage devices.

Carrying cases, carts and tote bags help the mobile massage therapist transport tables and equipment to and from the worksite, and are custom made for many of the various models of portable tables available from MassageWarehouse.com. Massage therapists will also find a myriad of tabletop accessories, covers and more, all designed to work with the various models of massage tables and chairs.

Aromatherapy and Salt Therapy
For a pleasing and healing atmosphere in the treatment room, consider aromatherapy, available through a wide variety of portable and tabletop diffusers in many soothing aromas. Himalayan salt lamps, made of salt crystals from a primeval ocean that once existed beneath the Himalayan Mountains, give off healing ion-purified air said to enhance feelings of comfort and well-being.

The massage therapist’s stock in trade, massage creams, oils, lotions and gels abound at MassageWarehouse.com, along with essential oils in a wide variety of fragrances. Buy lotions, oils and creams by the 8-ounce jar or by the gallon for additional savings. Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day specials feature collections in Keyano Chocolate, and Champagne and Rose fragrances to add a special holiday touch. Fully 19 catalog pages are given over to oils, creams, lotions and more, making it the most comprehensive collection of massage therapy supplies available.

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