New and Reconditioned Chiropractic Tables and Equipment from ScripHessco.com

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To provide the best chiropractic care, doctors need to use the best chiropractic tables. For the patient, the table must be comfortable, and for the chiropractor, it must be functional. It needs to include a support for the head, to allow it to remain in a balanced state while being adjusted or treated. The chiropractor needs to have the ability to fully adjust the height of the table to perform his or her work, and allow the table to adjust to the conformity of each patient’s body. Without a proper table, the quality of the chiropractic care treatment can be greatly diminished.

High-quality chiropractic chairs from ScripHessco.com have many adjustable parts to allow incremental changes to all portions of the table. By having full modifications of the table, the adjustment to the patient can be much more comfortable, especially when providing treatment on certain areas of the body. A well-designed and fully functioning chiropractic table can help maximize the results of adjusting the patient’s delicate musculoskeletal system.

Drop Tables
Many new graduated students just out of chiropractic school, and older chiropractic physicians, see the advantage of adjusting their patients using a drop table. Based on the chiropractic work of Dr. J. Clay Thompson, the design of the drop table utilizes Newton’s First Law of Motion that suggests that any “body” can remain in equilibrium given it has no force or pressure acting on it. This indicates that when bodies are at rest, they tend to remain that way. However, when in motion, the motion will tend to persist unless it is met with some opposing force.

The results of the design seems to provide better results than traditional predecessor tables including the divided table, spring lift, the chest table, side posture table and a flat table. New and reconditioned drop tables are available at ScripHessco.com.

Chiropractic Rehabilitation Equipment
A major component of a chiropractic clinic is to provide rehabilitation to patients. Most individuals seek chiropractic care when looking for alternatives to back pain relief. Many of their conditions are caused by sports injuries, muscle strains, accidents and injuries. Most often, a chiropractic physician can relieve the pain in patients suffering with headaches, leg issues, and discomfort in the arms and neck.

Chiropractors purchase quality rehabilitation and exercise equipment from ScripHessco.com, including tools for strength training, upper and lower extremity exercises, cardio equipment, exercise tubing, bands and balls, along with total body balance conditioning, mobility and ADL.

Orthopedic Equipment and Supplies
Chiropractors can order orthopedic equipment and supplies online, from leading manufacturers. ScripHessco.com provides a full line of orthopedic equipment including abdominal and back supports, to help patients maintain their physical wellness. Maternity and lumbosacral supports are available, along with a full line of industrial supports to fit the contour the body, and provide much-needed assistance when working at the job. Compression products, along with upper and lower extremity supports are also available.

ScripHessco.com offers a full line of high quality professional grade chiropractic equipment and supplies, at reasonable prices.

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