Listeria Outbreak Investigation Expanded to include Three States

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According to a report by Colorado health officials, an investigation into the listeria outbreak killed a minimum of one person has now expanded and is not spread in three states where the chances are the tainted cantaloupe were consumed. Since the outbreak is no more confined to just one city rather it has become multi-state, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is investigating into the matter in conjunction with US Food and Drug Administration and the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

Out of the nine diagnosed cases of gastrointestinal infection in Colorado, of which two are from Texas and one from Nebraska, all of them recently cantaloupe said the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment in a release. Officials have still not located the place where the tainted melons were sold, said Chris Urbina, chief medical officer for the department. The officer also said that while the investigation is continuing for the cause of listeria outbreak, it would be sensible for people to avoid consumption of cantaloupe particularly those who are at higher risk for listeria infection.
Listeria Outbreak

People who are at a greater risk of getting sick by the bacteria include those who are over the age of 60 years, pregnant ladies and he immune systems and those whose immune systems are severely affected but the disease or the organ transplants, added Urbina. People who are under the high risk of getting infected should immediately stop the consumption of unpasteurized soft cheese, deli meats and refrigerated smoked seafood or consume them only when they are reheated to 165 degrees F. in most of the cases of healthy people, it is seen they are not affected by the bacteria at all. However in severe cases, the infection can also cause miscarriages, stillbirths and convulsions in pregnant ladies.

Colorado has reported 13 listeria cases of listeria in all but of these 13 only nine of them are connected with the current listeria outbreak. According to the health department, in remaining four cases or the cases which are considered out of the current outbreak, the cantaloupe link is not established or laboratory results are still to come. Two deaths were reported in Colorado out of the listeria last month only out of which investigators find the connectivity of only one case with the current outbreak. The investigations are still in progress to find the root cause and confirm it with evidences.


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