Listeria Outbreak Causes Kansas Firm to Recall Shipment of Canatloupe

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In Colorado, a Kansas based food processor has recalled a bulk of fresh cut cantaloupe weighing almost hundreds of pounds. This has been done because of possibility of contamination due to Listeria which is linked to melons from Colorado. The listeria contamination is being blamed for an outbreak that has caused the death of eight people. A recall notice that was posted on the U.S. Food and Drug Administration website reported that Carol’s Cuts was recalling cantaloupes weighing 594 pounds which were packaged in trays weighing 5 pounds. They were an ingredient of fruit medley and were distributed in Kansas, Missouri and Nebraska. The listeria contamination apart from causing the eight deaths has affected about 55 people in 14 states. The cause is Listeria infected cantaloupe which has been traced to melons that were grown at Jensen Farms Inc which is a Colorado based farm. It was being sold under the brand name Rocky Ford.

The recall notice said “The Carol’s Cuts recall is part of a larger recall involving cantaloupe traced to Rocky Ford cantaloupes produced by Jensen Farms, Consumers who may have the recalled Carol’s Cuts product in their possession should return it to the place of purchase for a full refund or destroy it.” According to the FDA i.e. the Food and Drug Administration the infected cantaloupes were shipped to about 17 states in the last week. The infection has not been seen by all the states that have received the shipment of the tainted cantaloupes. The recall notice also reported that the fruits that were in the Carol’s Cut’s recall were sold to the institutional customers including restaurants. The infected cantaloupes might have been served in the restaurants in salads. The fruits had the use by date as 19th September.

The Colorado based company, Jensen farms which is linked to the outbreak due to listeria contamination has taken the step to voluntarily recall the cantaloupe packages which were shipped between 29th July and 10th September. The CDC on its website has said that Listeria monocytogenes which is the bacterial strain found in the infected cantaloupes thrives best at low temperatures. Listeria infection can prove to be particularly dangerous for elderly people. Pregnant women must take care as the infection can cause harm to the baby. People with weak immune systems are most likely to get infected. Previously Listeria outbreaks were traced to be linked with sprouts and celery.


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