How Scrip Hessco Electrotherapy Equipment Might Provide Relief

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Scrip Hessco electrotherapy equipment can provide pain relief for some patients. These devices are attached via electrodes, which are also among the Scrip Hessco electrotherapy equipment available to patients. The devices have been used for a very long time and have gained a reputation for providing a very effective, non-invasive way to relieve some types of common pain. The devices should be used after consulting a physician. Chronic pain sometimes indicates an underlying issue that may be serious and a physician needs to be consulted with before a treatment such as electrotherapy is decided upon.

Using the Devices

Scrip Hessco electrotherapy equipment includes portable devices that can be worn however long is recommended, no matter where the user is. The devices are small enough to fit under a shirt, so there need be no outward indication that one is in use. The electrical stimulation provides some relief from pain. This is why these devices are so popular for treating chronic pain.

Scrip Hessco electrotherapy equipment is oftentimes used to treat back pain. Back pain can be very persistent and is sometimes simply the result of aging, which means that treating the symptoms of it is really the only treatment available. Because of that, people tend to avoid using painkillers long term and oftentimes go for treatments that don’t involve taking any medications. TENS units are popular for this.

A TENS unit is generally attached via electrodes to whatever part of the body hurts at the time. Some patients find that they get better relief by attaching the devices to parts of their body that are not actually directly above the spot where they’re feeling pain.

The TENS unit allows the wearer to adjust the electricity for comfort and relief. Most of the time, the current is barely perceptible, if at all. The disposable elements that go along with these units are really the only ongoing expenses.


The electrodes have to be attached to the body properly for the devices to function. The electrodes can be purchased in reusable models that allow the patient to get more value out of their purchase. They also come in various shapes, which make it easier for them to be attached to specific parts of the body.

Depending upon one’s skin, it may be easier to keep the electrodes on by taping them down in addition to affixing them with the adhesive that is coated on the electrodes themselves. Particularly in instances where the user may be sweaty or where their clothing may catch on the electrodes, this can keep everything in place better and for longer.

Full Units

People who have only started to use a TENS unit will generally need to purchase a full kit. Once they have the entire kit, however, using the device in the future will only necessitate replacing the supplies that are consumable. This includes batteries, leads and electrodes and these supplies are not particularly expensive. The initial expense is generally the most significant.

Electrotherapy has been used for long enough that the equipment prices are affordable and that there is a lot of information about which conditions respond best to this therapy. Patients who are interested in pursuing it as a treatment option for pain may want to consult with their physician about it. This type of therapy may allow some patients to get off painkillers that they no longer want to take and the portability of the units required for it makes it no less convenient than having to take a medication a few times a day to get relief.

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