Hospital Employees Get Sicker Than Others

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According to the latest stats, hospital employees get sicker than general citizens in the US. They also spend 10% more on healthcare and medical services than others. This ironical statistic has stunned everyone and many possible reasons have been speculated for it.

The statistics were brought up by Thompson Reuters Healthcare, who conducted a study on the expenditure of various people. In that research they took 1.1 million hospital employees and compared them to 17.8 million other profession citizens who avail health care. However research was not further done on why there was such a huge difference. The average amount spent by hospital workers was $4,662 per annual while for other it was $538 less.
Hospital employees

The stats also showed that hospital employees did not go to the doctor as much as others but were admitted to emergency rooms 20% more than other profession employees. The hospital employees also spend 18% more time hospitalized than others.

The co-author of this research, Kreg Sherbine, had certain theories on the reason for this difference. One reason that justifies this difference, according to Sherbine, is the stressful environment in hospitals. Hospitals demand allot from their employees both physically and emotionally. Employees have to take on extra shifts more frequently. Also the lives of others are in their hands which can create very stressful environment. Due to stress and lack of time it may be difficult for employees to concentrate on their own health. Sherbine however does not think the difference has any link with diseases being transmitted to employees from patients. He backs this by saying that the statistic result is same for non-communicable diseases as well. Another theory is that are more aware of the symptoms they have and immediately head for treatment unlike others who will try to solve the situation themselves first in case it is not serious. But the awareness does become faulty reason since the amount of money spent on medication is still high in hospital employees. If hospital employees are aware of their illness and treat them beforehand then they shouldn’t have recurring problems hence there should be a reduction in medication cost. Also being aware before the health condition becomes serious should also reduce any future medical cost. Hence, the awareness theory is not completely justified.

The current expenses in the health sector have really troubled the country, as more and more people are getting sick and try to avail any service. If the hospital employees themselves are struggling to stay healthy than from whom can the general public get inspiration from?



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