Heart Problems Higher Amongst Normal Weight People

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Latest study shows that normal weight people can also obtain great health risks. Metabolic syndrome is one of the health risks that occur in normal weight people. It is a combination of health risk factors that includes cardiovascular disorders and diabetes. The study showed that even though obese people have greater health risks, now it is common for normal weight people to be unhealthy as well. 1 in 5 people in the US are subjected to metabolic syndrome, and the symptoms associated increase with age. Symptoms such as high blood pressure, heart disease, strokes and excess body weight around the waist are observed in normal weight people as well.

The study was made by Athens University Medical School in Athens Greece. In the study 550 men and women of different ages were observed for nearly six years. Before the study started, tests were made to check any symptoms of metabolic syndrome. Some subjects already had symptoms of metabolic syndrome and others were in a healthy state. However, in the end result nearly half of them were affected by the metabolic syndrome. Even though the majority of subjects that were obese obtained the syndrome, normal weight people were also affected by it. People with an average age of about 60 experienced strokes and heart failures. Heart failures were however more common in normal weight people. Subjects who possessed no symptoms at beginning of the study also suffered heart failure. Out of the previously healthy subjects 9% obese, 14% overweight and 16% normal weight people were affected by heart failures. Out of the people who already had the symptoms before the study 54% obese, 48% overweight and 63% normal weight were affected with heart failures.
Heart Problems

The statistics from the study clearly indicated that normal weight were more probable to get heart conditions. On the basis of the study Dr. Christina Voulgari, the study lead author, said that we should concentrate more on living healthy lifestyle rather than weight loss. Dr. Robert Scott III, an assistant professor of internal medicine in Texas A&M Health Science Center College of Medicine, said that obesity is in general bad but people with high blood pressure, low HDL and high sugar levels are likely to face heart conditions regardless of the weight. Dr. Gregg C. Fonarow, a professor of cardiovascular medicine in University of California Los Angeles, says that despite the stats obese people face death due to heart conditions more than normal weight people. He also said that the Greeks are looking at heart problems only and maintaining a proper weight is still important to maintain a healthy life.



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