CCSVI might be Linked to MS

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Past studies have been analysed in a new way and conclusions have been drawn that there might be some link between narrowing of head and neck veins and multiple sclerosis. But according to the researchers more research on this topic is needed. This report was funded by Canadian Institute of Health Research. This is the latest addition to the controversy which led patients with MS to demand a treatment for the condition of blood vessels which had high risk associated. Dr. Andreas Laupacis, who is the lead author of the new report from St. Michael’s Hospital in Toronto, said “”The message in some ways I’m sure is kind of frustrating. There’s some tantalizing evidence that there might be something here, but we still don’t know.” The authors of this study were very cautious as they could find only eight studies which looked at how common was the condition known as chronic cerebrospinal venous insufficiency (CCSVI) in people who had multiple sclerosis.

In 2009 the researchers of Italy had proposed that MS which was earlier thought to be a disorder of the immune system it might actually be caused by changes in the conditions of the blood vessel. A team of Dr. Paolo Zamboni found the signs of CCSVI in almost every MS patient’s ultrasound. According to this theory veins which bring blood back from brain and spine to the heart sometimes become too narrow and this causes blood to leak back to the brain tissue. This could trigger the inflammation and eventually cause the problems of balance and muscles as is seen in patients with MS. Laupacis and his colleagues, in order to assess the present state of the evidence analyzed the eight studies which included the study of Dr. Paolo. The researchers found that patients of MS were more likely to have narrow blood vessels.

Laupacis while talking to Reuters said “It may well be that the different groups are using different ultrasound techniques. It’s not a straightforward kind of test.” This might be the cause behind a huge range of finding on different studies. He also said that more research is being done which should clarify the picture of the link between CCSVI and MS. Even though patients of MS were more likely to have narrow blood vessels but it does not mean that a surgery to widen these narrow blood vessels called liberation surgery could be a sure shot cure of MS. Risks of bleeding and infection are associated with the surgery.


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