Causes of Foot and Ankle Pain

Causes of Foot and Ankle Pain
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Medicinenet.com says foot pain can be caused by many conditions, including disease, injury, trauma, or events that commonly occur in the work place or from playing sports. Trauma is when force is applied outside of the body that can force the body into un-natural positions causing injury and pain. Body structures can also become damaged from wearing shoes that are too tight, and high heels can cause serious foot and ankle problems to women.

Ligament, sprains, fractures and bruises usually occur without warning and can cause stresses to the foot. A foot or ankle sprain is caused when ligaments are stretched beyond their limits causing a sprain. In addition, loose ligaments within the foot can cause pain and injury. Over stretching, or overworking the ankle or foot can also lead to injuries, and twisting an ankle or foot the wrong way is almost always painful. Blunt force to the foot or someone stepping on your foot can lead to discomfort and injury, and direct blows may cause bruising.

When foot or ankle injuries strike you need the help of products that will protect and keep an injury properly braced to avoid re-injuring the area. The best products can be obtained from Allegromedical.com, a leader in the healthcare product field. They offer top notch products, such as ankle supports, hiker shoes, tape, splints, heating pads, and over the calf support socks. If you have been injured the prudent move is to buy only the best supplies from a leader in the industry.

According to WebMD, as the body ages you increase your chances of developing osteoarthritis, which is sometimes called wear and tear arthritis. Causes of this ailment include, aging, previous injury, and obesity. Symptoms include joint pain and stiffness, and any joint in the body can be affected. Foot and ankle osteoarthritis is a degenerative disease that causes a general breakdown of cartilage tissues causing aches and stiffness. The changes caused by this disease can be gradual, and may take place over the course of years, and can eventually result in swelling and deformity to the foot or ankle.

The warning signs that could indicate ankle or foot osteoarthritis include pain, a reduced ability to walk or move along with stiffness or swelling of the knee or foot. While arthritis cannot be cured treatment is available that can result in increased joint movement with less pain. Treatments include injecting steroids into the affected joint, anti- inflammatory medicines, pain relievers, pads and arch supports, braces, physical therapy, custom shoes, and losing weight. People with foot osteoarthritis should only wear shoes that are shaped like their feet and stretching exercises can help the afflicted joints to become more flexible, which will in turn reduce pain.

There is no doubt that foot and ankle pain cause much distress. Disease and injury can cause moderate to severe foot and ankle pain. In fact, simply twisting the foot or ankle the wrong way may result in a painful strain. Moreover, some people develop osteoarthritis, which is sometimes called the wear and tear arthritis. As we age the cartilage in our joints starts to breakdown, causing stiffness and pain. There is no cure for this disease, but it can be treated.

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